Marth enjoys her first ride


Pam, your blogger and the leader of the bus campaign, celebrates the new bus arrival

After almost three years of painstaking fundraising, we Northaven residents finally saw our dream come true.

At 1pm yesterday a fat, sassy Bus pulled into our driveway to the cheers and applause of an excited crowd of residents. Cameras were snapping all over. Everyone wanted to be photographed with the new Bus. (Our old one ran for twenty years, and we hope for the same from the new arrival).

Your blogger helped pour Champagne on the hood for luck; then the first passengers climbed aboard for a quick run around the neighborhood. Oohs and aahs over the comfortable seats and smooth ride seats and smooth ride.

Back at the ranch ice cream was served – thanks to the generosity of donor Terese Grady Moon – and the next busload took off.

April sunshine held steady all day, and the residents slept well last night, knowing that their efforts had not been in vain.